iCON transforms imagination into reality with the use of
Augmented Reality and Beacon Technology.

With these technologies, you can explore and understand the digital dimensions through an
enriching and animated view of the real world.


Augmented Reality superimposes information on the world we see. It overlays digital information like photos, videos, data, 3D animation, onto the existing environment.

  • augmented-dragon Animation
  • augmented-interactive Interactive Content
  • augmented-links Links up all
    Social Media Tools
augmented phone augmented 1 augmented 2 augmented 3
  • augmented-2d 2D/ 3D content / Games Imagery
  • augmented-video Video
bottle 1 bottle 2

AR Object Recognition

Virtual elements recognizes real physical objects. It is aware of its size, shape and dimension
then interacts with it accordingly.

Augmented Reality

With AR, information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable. Augmented Reality can bring objects to life; from magazine covers, product catalogues, T-shirt designs to product packaging. Marketers can bring a more immersive and engaging customer experience to their brands.

Augmented Reality takes digital content and blends them with real world objects to present a new and interactive digital and real world experience!